About Saeed

This site is dedicated to Saeed Khan’s poetry.

Saeed Khan is a renowned contemporary Urdu poet, a Sydney based writer and a well known social and environmental advocate. Saeed’s poetry is a combination of classical and modern Urdu ghazal and poems full of romanticism, social, cultural and environmental themes.

Saeed Khan was born in Khanpur Hazara located in Hazara (NWFP) Pakistan on July 19 1966. He is the eldest son of a famous local hero Abdul Bashir Khan , known for winning the land rights for the people of Khanpur Hazara during the 1970’s construction of Khanpur Dam.

Saeed holds a Masters in Management and an MBA (E-Business Management) from the University of Technology, Sydney and works in IT Management. He was a young General Secretary of the Pakistan Association of Australia from 1999-2001 and for many years has advocated for refugee rights, immigration issues, youth and multiculturalism. He is a former Deputy Chair of the Ethnic Communities Council (2007-2011) of New South Wales and Hon. Treasurer of FECCA (2009-2011).

As a poet, Saeed has made a name for himself despite living far away from Urdu centers of India and Pakistan. Due to his style, versitility in both poems and ghazals, he is considered an important poet of his generation.

The great Urdu Poet Ahmad Faraz praised Saeed’s poetry by saying ‘Saeed’s voice is like a fresh breeze for Urdu poetry’.

Renowned poet and critic Dr Abrar Ahmad says..’He seems deeply immersed in the greater ghazal tradition, and understands high class ghazal’.

He grew up reading and writing Urdu poetry in Hazara Pakistan and continued his passion after he moved to Sydney during the late 1980s. All of his published works have been written in Australia.
Saeed was first discovered and encouraged as a young poet in Sydney (1994) by Ashraf Shad, a senior Pakistani journalist, writer and poet. Soon after Saeed met Ustad Om Krishn Rahat, a prominent Urdu poet, who had moved to Sydney from Fridabad India. Ustad Rahat spotted Saeed’s poetic talents and helped him improve his language and writing skills. He also developed his poetry through reading and interactions with many prominent poets from India and Pakistan who traveled to Australia for annual recitals.
Among those who have praised Saeed’s poetic works are stalwarts like Ahmad Faraz, legends like Amjad Islam Amjad, Himayat Ali Shaer, and Pirzada Qasim, as well as contemporaries like Noshi Gillani and Farhat Abbas Shah.
Being a founding member of the Urdu Society of Australia, Saeed has also been heavily involved in promoting and developing Urdu writings in Australia since 1995. He served as a Vice President of the Urdu Society from 2003-2008 and played a key role during its peak in developing and project managing major international poetry recitals.

Saeed co-founded the Urdu Academy of Australia (Sydney) with famous poetess Noshi Gilani in 2009. The Academy  organizes monthly sittings in Sydney to promote Urdu Poetry and literature.

Saeed is a published  poet and has so far authored following 3 collections of Urdu poetry:

Published in Lahore/Sialkot  by Bangash Publishers in 2003.

Published by Mavra Publishers, Lahore.

Saeed’s Book “Hijrat Ke Parinday” meaning “Migratory Birds” was Published by Mavra Publishers, Lahore .

This is effectively a reprint of Saeed’s 2nd book “Aik Muthi Mein Merey Khwab” ایک مٹھی میں میرے خواب

that was ublished & launched in lahore by Sham ke Baad Publishers in 2007 .

Saeed’s latest poetry (2007-2012) is currently in pubkishing and due to be realeased early in 2012.

Translation of Les Murray’s Poetry

Saeed Khan is also credited with introducing and co-translating (with Noshi Gilani)  the great Australian poet Les Murray into Urdu language. These works have been  published in Tasteer Literary mag in Islamabad in its December  2011 edition.

Saeed is married to famous Urdu poetess, Noshi Gilani and they currently reside in Sydney. Saeed is also involved in suppoting the work of Ahmad Faraz Trust.